Edibles For Sale in Canada

Enjoy properly dosed edibles available for sale like Sugar Jack’s 200mg Mango Gummies, Kandy Kandy’s Indica Green Apple Candies or Euphoria Extractions’ Sativa Shatter Bars. Find cannabis infused treats that help you elevate or medicate online.

What Type Of Edible?

The psychoactive effects from edibles depends on how it is extracted from the Cannabis plant. They all differ significantly from each other in terms of potency, high and medical needs. Mix and match edibles to see what you like!


Full Spectrum: Indica or Sativa qualities, long lasting and tend to be more heavy with hangover effects. These are the best options.


Distillate Made: Hybrid-like with less plant flavour but are lighter in effects and kick in faster.Tend to last 3-5 hours.


D8 THC: Sativa-like and are derived from Hemp plants making them great for those who need to function in their day.

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