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CannaBudget is a Premium Online Dispensary in Canada that specializes in Mail Order Marijuana & Weed Delivery with a $50 minimum purchase.
You can buy cannabis, edibleshash, and vape cartridges to be delivered right to your doorstep from any province. 
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Need Marijuana?

Find A Dispensary Near Me

When it comes to online dispensaries, finding them near you versus walking to a store might just be your thing. By searching Google for “online dispensary near me,” you can have good cannabis at your fingertips.


Online platforms like dispensaries make it easier than ever to connect with local growers and farmers. So why limit yourself to brick-and-mortar stores when you can embrace the digital age of cannabis?

CannaBudget The Best

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Lowest Prices

Stop searching, our online dispensary near you is the place to shop. We make sure our prices are affordable.

Canadian Brands

Finding marijuana is easy. Canada has cannabis brands that are perfect for medical and recreational buyers.

Secured Payments

Feel safe when spending money at CannaBudget. Our methods of payment are secured and protected.

Private Orders

Whenever you place an order with us, enjoy privacy from others. Our shipping team will keep your order discreet.

Mail Order Marijuana by 4:30pm

1 Day Shipping Ontario

There are many ways to buy cannabis online. For instance, Ontario-based CannaBudget Online Dispensary offers delivery of cannabis products all around Canada.


Do you live in Misissauga, Brampton, Brantford, London or any major city? Customers in the Greater Toronto Area and some cities in Ontario or Quebec get their packages by mail overnight.


Place your order before 3:30pm Eastern Time to have it shipped out and delivered within 1 business day!

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Powered by cannabis, data and technology, making us a trusted dispensary online for over 7 years

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Choose Your Favourite Weed

Good weed keeps you high

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Marijuana concentrates are very potent. They come in forms like Live Resin or Shatter. Try some dabbing today with your buds!

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Sweet with fruity overtones and balanced high. Distillate edibles are recommended for anybody who wants to be high throughout the day!

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Hash for the lowest price in Canada says something about us. Don't be shy, buy as much as you need to. For old school hash lovers!

Questions Customers Ask

Can I Buy Online?

Canadians can shop from a dispensary online today by using CannaBudget at the lowest prices.

A Safe Marijuana Dispensary?

Our cannabis selection offers Sativa, Hybrid or Indica tested by us and many customers every day of the week.

Is There Free Weed Delivery?

Contrary to popular belief, online dispensaries also offer free delivery for cannabis shopping – enjoy it when you spend over $180.

Do I Need Your Dispensary Online?

There are many reasons why Canadians buy from CannaBudget, but the majority of them are saving more money than shopping at retailers.

What Time Do You Ship?

Orders are dispatched from our dispensary by 4:30pm Eastern Time every Monday to Friday.

The Best Online Dispensary Canada?

Yes, in fact most customers will be surprised by the savings from our dispensary online!

Free shipping + Delivery Over $180

Canadian Dispensary Online


Customers can purchase marijuana from our online dispensary and have it shipped or delivered to them in any province.


Placing an order with our online bud store only takes a few steps. Browse the menu and add the products you want. Pay with Cash, e-Transfer, PayPal, Debit or Credit Card.


Canadians love products like Shatter Bars, Bargain Bud, Afghan Hash and more. Use our online dispensary anywhere in Canada to find the best cannabis prices!

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