Rockstar Kush Shatter


Enjoy some Rockstar Kush Shatter with a snap and pull texture. It’s part of our new Concentrates collection!


Find yourself one step closer to how a true rockstar likely spends their day – relaxed, happy, and enjoying the finer things in life.


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Rockstar Kush is ideal for users who are looking for relief without getting knocked out, and can promote a body high and cerebral effects.

Often times issues like stress and depression can keep you awake for hours, yet this strain calms even the most racing of minds. Expect sedative qualities that make you lethargic.

Note: Orders may be substituted depending on stock!

Lowest Prices For THC Shatter

The price point for this full spectrum shatter concentrate is unheard of around Ontario. Even the price per gram is a good deal… it’s worth buying if you want mid-tier shatter in Canada without breaking the bank.

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