Who We Are – What We Sell

Have you ever searched for Sativa, Hybrid or Indica only to realize that you are paying too much? Well, that is where we come in! Specialized in marijuana inventories so you can shop for your goods all in one place. Our local listings for cannabis items provide you a discount on your favourite products.

Shopping for buds should not be tedious or expensive work, specially for products you can buy online. The team does your local and online searching because finding good quality weed for cheap can be hard. We buy and sell cannabis merchandise to locals around Mississauga, in Ontario and all of Canada. Coming from diverse backgrounds we have first hand experienced buying buds along with the wisdom of saving. A dedicated group of individuals selling dried flowers, edibles and more – no strings attached.

Our Goal and Idea

The mission at CannaBudget is to find our customers the cannabis products they need to buy. Looking for high quality weed and edibles can be time consuming and expensive. Our dispensary sells at low prices while maintaining a retail level of quality. Can you imagine us doing your strain hunting so you can buy buds? That is what we do, bring the convenience of online shopping to you.

Allen Marudo CEO/Founder

Ashley Cornwall Support Staff

How Our Prices Compare:

Online Retail Stores
Your Local Dealer

What Can We Do For You ?

Our method is simple – find strains, edibles and hash to sell online. We do the messy work while providing a platform to purchase cannabis. Options for same day delivery, local pickup and citywide shipping make shopping fun!

Fast Delivery

Get Same Day Delivery or Pick-Up in Mississauga. Xpresspost shipping via Canada Post.

Open 24/7

Our online store is open for orders everyday. Finding cannabis to buy is just one click away.

Best Quality

Cheap prices for retail quality marijuana products. Come and save more on your buds.